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The Bangor Daily News featured chocolatier, Laura Rudy and her artisanal truffles made with Maine beers. Stasia Brewczynski, our Tasting Room Manager talks about Rising Tide’s participation.

Using beer from Maine brewers — Baxter Brewing Co., Maine Beer Co., Rising Tide and Allagash — she enhances rich ganache and gives chocolate and beer lovers a reason to cheer.

“She is very knowledgeable about beer. It’s a perfect little niche for her,” said Stasia Brewczynski, tasting room manager at Rising Tide Brewery, where Rudy’s decadent dollops are paired with just-brewed batches of beer for special tasting.

Brewczynski and Rudy frequently brainstorm and taste test combinations. Over chocolate and beer sessions they determine the right yin and yang to soothe the bitterness of an IPA, for example, or coax out the mellowness of malt.

“It’s symbiotic,” Brewczynski said. “The same way we encourage people to think small and local with beer, we want them to think small and local with food.”

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