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Sputnik VII: Monica’s Vanilla Maple Stout

Sputnik VII is now available in the tasting room! This is the seventh beer in the Sputnik Series. The Sputnik Series is an opportunity for any member of the team at Rising Tide to develop and pilot a recipe.  Pilots that are well received in our tasting room may be chosen to be brewed into our 7bbl fermentor, which has been affectionately dubbed “Sputnik.” “It was my first real fermentor, just as Sputnik was the first man-made satellite,” Nathan explained. “Plus, as a small tank, it kind of looks like a satellite.” The name stuck.

The seventh batch of beer in this series is a Vanilla Maple Stout. This beer first made an appearance as a pilot batch in our tasting room in December 2017, where it was loved by staff and customers alike. Sputnik VII features vanilla beans, oats, and maple.  It was created and brewed by Monica Link, Rising Tide Tasting Room Ambassador and Marketing Assistant.

When asked about her inspiration for this beer, Monica said, “I’ve always been drawn to sweeter stouts. Vanilla and maple syrup just sounds like the perfect combination of flavors for a great stout.”

Sputnik VII has a strong vanilla flavor up front, followed by a maple syrup character and balanced with a coffee-like bitterness. “This beer has all the qualities of a great stout,” Monica explained. “It’s sweet, smooth, and slightly bitter at the end.  It’s so darn good!”

Monica worked with Merritt Waldron, Director of Quality Control, on recipe development and with Brewer Mike O’Neal on creating the full-scale batch. “I’m absolutely so excited to be able to share my beer with so many people who come into Rising Tide or find it at bars around Portland,” said Monica. “I’m so honored and grateful to have had this opportunity to work with Merritt and Mike on its creation.  This has been an overall amazing experience!”

Stop into the brewery today to try Sputnik VII: Monica’s Vanilla Maple Stout.