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Portland Press Herald
Eat & Run: Rising Tide expands its craft into the food realm
By Leslie Bridgers

Rising Tide Brewing Co. might be considered an elder among Maine’s craft breweries, or at least an uncle-type figure, but it’s remained at the forefront of industry trends ever since it relocated from Industrial Way to Portland’s Fox Street in 2012, initiating the creation of the East Bayside brewery hub.

More recently, that’s meant joining the slew of breweries that have added kitchens to their tasting rooms, taking responsibility for – and control of – what customers eat, in-house.

To my pleasant surprise, the chicken came in the form of a thick, juicy hunk. Together, the tender meat and abundant toppings (sharp cheddar, bacon, greens, pickles, roasted tomatoes and dijonnaise) on a brioche bun made for a chicken sandwich that far exceeded the standard.

Walking into Rising Tide, I was sure I’d leave satisfied but was surprised to find such thoughtfully crafted food.


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