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Celebrate Maine Island Trail Ale's 10th Birthday with us! Saturday, April 8

Giving back to our community

We are lucky to call the beautiful coast of Maine our home. We are able to craft high-quality and consistent beers thanks to the support of our community. We strive to give back as much as possible. It is our goal that other industries, be it agriculture, tourism, or art and culture, are able to grow while sustaining the invaluable natural resources and wildlife our home has to offer.

Giving back to our community

Through our extensive charitable giving and sustainability programs to create a thriving and safe space for all and to support and lift up our neighborhood and greater Portland communities. We focus our efforts on supporting economic development, LGBTQ+ issues, BIPOC equality, women’s reproductive health, combatting hunger, stewardship of Maine’s oceans and rivers, local land trusts, and outdoor activities.

Our Community Partners

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Giving Back To Maine

It is our goal to keep the beautiful landscape of Maine alive and thriving for years to come.  We have committed to doing our part to ensure a sustainable future. We are committed to using sustainable ingredients, production methods, and constantly striving to lower our carbon footprint.

Our sustainability efforts

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Our recycling is managed through
Pine Tree Waste.

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Joined 58 breweries in signing a letter to the EPA and US Army Corps of Engineers urging them to protect our clean water.

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All of our spent grain and unusable yeast is donated to Hall Edge Farm in Windham, ME.

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Motion sensor LED lighting reduces our energy usage by 70%.

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We compost all of our hop matter, food waste, and paper goods with Garbage to Garden.

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In-depth monitoring and accountability for all chemical use.

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We save energy by recapturing hot water from knockout to our hot liquor tank for future use.

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We converted our packaging to cans: readily recyclable, lighter to transport which saves fossil fuels, less cardboard, and plastic waste.

Donations and Sponsorships

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