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Celebrate Maine Island Trail Ale's 10th Birthday with us! Saturday, April 8
Reclaimed Second Life by Steven Brooks

Reclaimed Second Life Exhibit Opening

December 14, 2018 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
| Brewery Event

We are thrilled to have work by Steven Brooks Art in the tasting room again! Visit Rising Tide Brewing Company for the grand opening of, Reclaimed Second Life. His creative and unique works are crafted from recycled and found materials. See them first hand and meet the artist at the exhibit opening.

Artist Bio:I was born in Portland, grew up in the Southern Maine area. Where I now reside in Raymond with my Wife Nicole, our daughter Nola, who we recently welcomed in March 2018. Our cat, Bella and two hound dogs, Otis and Rue. I’ve experienced great loss, found love, and have had the privilege of finding myself as an artist here in Maine. Throughout my development as an artist, I have learned that my art is much less inspired by other artists but more accredited to my life experiences – the most crucial of those taking place here in my home state. At the age of sixteen, I experienced the loss of my father. This experience fueled my need to create art, and made it a fundamental part of my life. The love I found, was meeting my wife Nicole, who coincidentally shares the same birthday as my dad. Maine was, and continues to be the backdrop for these signs that inspire my creativity. Art is like creating footsteps in the snow that I can look back on. I know that even after they melt, I made them and I want to make more. When you leave a footprint, the nature that allows you to see it transforms around you. Someone else may or may not get to see it, but you are making a connection with it. I’ve always felt that my art is less about success or “making it” as a famous artist, and more about “making it” in the more literal sense – just making art. Maine is a place that fosters kindness and inspiration. It is a modest and organic state which inspires me to create pieces that are accessible to everyone. I’ve always loved using wildlife as my muse because there are so many different personal interpretations of each piece. The elements that go into making one of my fish are: two fins, an eye and a tail. The other element, in between those previously mentioned, is leaving room for the fish to tell your tale.