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Celebrate Maine Island Trail Ale's 10th Birthday with us! Saturday, April 8

Beer First

We are guided by creative flavors, quality, consistency, community, and a love of all things outdoors.

independent & family-owned

Rising Tide Brewing Company is an independent, family-owned brewery that anchors Portland, Maine’s vibrant East Bayside neighborhood. Crafting high-quality, consistent beer is our first priority. These efforts begin with using only the highest quality and safe brewing ingredients and are continued throughout our entire brewing process.

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Supporting local farmers

A portion of the grains in every batch we brew are locally grown and malted in the hopes that Maine’s Agriculture industry may continue to grow and thrive alongside the craft beer industry.

Every fall we partner with our local hop farm, The Hop Yard to brew a limited release wet hop ale we lovingly call, Maine Harvest.

Beer For Maine

Each of our beers is thoughtfully crafted to pair with a delicious meal and enjoy with family and friends while soaking up all the beautiful state of Maine has to offer.

We love pairing our Daymark pale ale with hand-shucked oysters or Pisces, our gose, with a toasted lobster roll on a brioche bun.

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